5 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Professional Home Inspection Services

Are you thinking about doing your home inspection? Maybe you want to save some money or believe you can handle it yourself. Before you grab that flashlight and start poking around, it’s important to understand why DIY home inspections might not be the best idea. Here are nine important reasons why you should reconsider. Performing a home inspection by yourself may seem like a way to cut costs or demonstrate your competence. However, there are significant drawbacks to this approach. First and foremost, safety is a crucial concern. Home inspections often involve accessing hazardous areas like crawl spaces or climbing ladders. Without proper training and equipment, you could be putting yourself at risk of injury.


Mistakes in DIY inspections could lead to missed problems or misinterpretations of issues, potentially costing you more money in the long run. Furthermore, in some areas, home inspections must be conducted by licensed home inspection services to comply with legal requirements. In this blog, we will learn 5 reasons not to do a home inspection yourself!

Reason #1: You are not trained/qualified!

If you aren’t trained in all of these areas, it’s best to let an expert handle it. A certified home inspector checks various parts of a house to make sure everything is safe and works well. They examine things like the foundation, wiring, walls, and pipes to find any problems.


For example, a civil engineer might understand how the foundation supports the house, while an electrical engineer can check if the wiring is safe. A structural engineer knows about the strength of the building’s structure, and a plumber can identify any issues with pipes and water systems. Each area needs specific knowledge and skills to be inspected properly. So, relying on someone trained in all these disciplines ensures a thorough and accurate evaluation of your home’s condition.

Reason #2: You do not have the tools!

Home inspections need lots of tools to check how good a home is. Some of these tools are clamp metres, moisture metres, fault detectors, IR thermometers, and Thermal Cameras. These tools help inspectors find problems like electrical faults, water damage, and insulation issues. But if you don’t have these tools or know how to use them well, it’s better to let experts do the inspections. They’re trained to use these tools and can spot problems that might not be obvious to you. So, even if you’re tempted to save money by doing the inspection yourself, it’s usually smarter to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. This way, you can be sure that any problems with the home are found and dealt with properly, keeping you and your family safe.

Reason #3: You don’t do this for a living!

Home inspectors are pros at their job. They’re trained and certified to spot problems in homes. It’s what they do every day to make a living. But if you’re not a pro, you might not catch everything. That’s because you’re not looking for issues all the time like they are. So, when you try to inspect your own home, you might miss important stuff. Imagine skipping a page while reading a book; you might miss the best part! Same with home inspections. Pros know where to look and what to look for. They have a keen eye for spotting trouble, like water damage or faulty wiring, that you might not notice. So, it’s smarter to let them handle it. They’ll make sure nothing gets overlooked, giving you peace of mind about your home.

Reason #4: Your inspection report will be shoddy! 

Usually, when home inspectors do their job, they use a mobile app. This app helps them inspect the home and create a detailed report. The report includes photos, notes, and explanations, all neatly organised. Builders find these reports easy to understand. But if you decide to inspect your home without using this app, you’ll have to make the report by hand. This manual process might not make the report look professional. Builders might not take your report seriously if it doesn’t look professional. So, it’s important to consider how the report looks. Using the right tools can help ensure that builders pay attention to your findings and take appropriate action.

Reason #5: You may miss issues!

The big reason not to do your home inspection is simple: you might miss important problems. The whole point of an inspection is to catch issues before you move in. It’s like fixing a small hole in your clothes before it becomes a big tear. If you do it yourself, you might not spot everything, and that could cost you a lot later on. Sure, doing it yourself might seem like it saves money at first. But if you miss something important, you could end up spending a lot more money fixing it later. So, it’s better to let the professionals handle it. They know what to look for and can save you from expensive surprises down the road. Trusting them now can save you a ton of trouble and cash later on.

The Bottom Line

So, there you have it – those are the 5 big reasons why doing a home inspection yourself isn’t the best idea. It might seem like a way to save some cash, but it could end up costing you more in the long run. Hiring an expert is the smart move. They know what to look for and can spot problems that you might miss. Don’t risk missing something important or making costly mistakes. Invest in professional home inspection services. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about protecting your investment and ensuring your safety and peace of mind. So, don’t be penny wise, pound foolish.


Let us experts handle it, and you’ll save both time and money in the end!