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Welcome to House Pro Home Inspections, your premier destination for professional home inspection services. Established in 2007, House Pro Home Inspections has built a solid reputation for reliability, accuracy, and excellence in the industry. Our team of licensed home inspectors is dedicated to providing you with thorough evaluations and detailed reports, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your property. Whether you're buying, selling, or simply maintaining your home, our services are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of a reliable inspection process in avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring the safety and functionality of your home. That's why we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and expertise in every home inspection packages we conduct. Let us take care of your home inspection needs. Contact us today to schedule your inspection!

Our Services

Are you in the market for a new home? Seeking the reassurance and confidence that a thorough home inspection can provide? Gain peace of mind with House Pro Home Inspections. Our expert services include a wide range of inspection packages for home buyers, real estate inspections, and comprehensive home and building inspections

Outdoor Home Inspection

Make sure your outdoor space is in good shape with our outdoor home inspection service. Our inspectors can find any problems and help you avoid spending lots of money. We look at things like the structure and the foundation of your home, the roof, siding, windows and other areas that are just as crucial

Indoor Home Inspection

Don't forget about checking inside your home too! Our inspectors look at every part of your house to find any issues you might not see. We want to make sure your home is safe and valuable, so we don't miss anything.

Termite Home Inspection

Keep your home safe from termites with our special inspection service. Our experts can find and fix any termite problems before they get worse. We use the best tools and methods to give you a detailed report on any termite activity.

Condo Inspection

Whether you're buying or selling a condo, our inspection service can help. Our inspectors know what to look for to make sure your condo is a good investment. We use modern tools to check everything thoroughly and give you peace of mind.

Co-Op Inspection

Make smart choices with our co-op inspection service. We understand the unique challenges of co-op properties and can help you avoid costly mistakes. Trust us to give you a reliable inspection so you can feel confident in your investment.

Our Process

Visual Examination

During the visual check, we look at places like the house, parking area, inside, outside, and the nearby grounds. We also check for anything unsafe. If we find big problems, we mark them for a pro to check them out properly.

Operational Item Testing

Testing operational items means checking things like plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling systems, the roof, and the foundation. We look for things that might not be working well or might be getting old. If something isn't working right, we make sure to point it out. We pay extra attention to any problems that could affect how the main systems work.

Arranging Arrange Results

Insightful advice helps owners take care of their property's systems and structures. They suggest things to do now to stop big problems later. You can count on thorough checks for homes and businesses.


During the inspection, we take detailed notes about everything we find. We make sure to write down any problems or worries we see in the property. Then, we explain these findings in easy-to-understand words. This helps everyone understand what's going on with the property and what needs to be fixed.

Get to Know Zack - Your Property Inspection Buddy

At the core of House Pro Home Inspections lies Zack, our Certified, Licensed Home Inspector and Home Inspector Instructor. With a robust background as a licensed NYC contractor in both New York and New Jersey, Zack brings a wealth of expertise to every inspection. His in-depth understanding of local building codes and regulations, coupled with years of experience in construction and renovation, ensures thorough and precise evaluations of your property.

Zack’s proficiency extends to identifying common issues such as termite and pest infestations, safeguarding your property against potential damage. Additionally, his specialised lead paint inspection services offer a peace of mind by addressing health risks, particularly in older homes where lead paint may be present.


With Zack’s dedication to commitment safety and quality, House Pro Home Inspections provides wide range assessments to protect your investment and promote a secure living environment.

NY Licensed Home Inspector:

zack's knowledge of New York's unique property landscape is a valuable asset during inspections. He's well-versed in local building codes and regulations.

NY & NJ Licensed General Contractor:

As a licensed general contractor in both New York and New Jersey, Zack brings a deep understanding of construction and renovation practices to his inspections.

NY & NJ Licensed Termite Inspector

Zack's expertise in identifying termite and pest issues ensures that your property is free from these common nuisances.

Lead Paint Inspector

In older homes, lead paint can pose health risks. Zack's lead paint inspection services help you identify and address this potential hazard.

Our Commitment

When you select House Pro Home Inspections, you’re opting for a company committed to delivering insightful inspections. We recognize that investing in a property is a major decision, and our aim is to equip you with the necessary knowledge to make informed choices. With over 10,000 inspections completed over the years, House Pro Home Inspections has established a reputation for outstanding quality and dependability. Our trained team conducts thorough evaluations of every property, promptly informing you of any areas of concern following your inspection. We are among the best home inspection companies, providing professional home inspection services.

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As one of the best home inspection companies in the NYC area, we offer professional home inspection services that prioritise accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction,

Our team brings extensive experience in the construction industry, ensuring thorough inspections.

We are recognized experts in home inspection, trusted by residents throughout the NYC area.

Our professional services are tailored to fit your budget and schedule, ensuring convenience without compromising quality.

We deliver comprehensive inspection reports promptly, within 24 to 48 hours, providing you with timely insights into your property.

Feel confident with our thorough home inspections – we've got your back every step of the way.

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    Our outdoor inspection services cover a range of areas, including:


    Pre-inspection The buyer is usually the one to request a house inspection in a real estate transaction. However, prior to listing their house for sale, sellers may also ask for an expert evaluation of their property. Sellers have greater control over repairs and may have a stronger negotiating position when they receive upfront information about the state of their property thanks to a pre-listing inspection.

    Furthermore, any property problems that are identified in a pre-inspection report must be legally disclosed to buyers by sellers and their representatives. pre-listing inspections can increase house sales and support owners in defending their asking price.

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    See what others said about us

    Fatma Dansoko
    Fatma Dansoko
    Zack is extremely professional. He arrived early and was ready to get to work. He provided excellent recommendations as I am a first time home buyer. He was very detailed and through. He even submitted the report back in a timely manner. I will definitely recommend Zack to anyone that needs a home inspector!
    natalie mouyal
    natalie mouyal
    great experience - very professional and easy to do business with -
    David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez
    I called Zack for a condo inspection and I was completely satisfied with his service. He was able to perform the job and furnish me with a complete and detailed report including photos on the same day. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.
    Daniel Camano
    Daniel Camano
    Zack is thorough, detail oriented, and explains everything clearly. His inspection services are worth every penny and can save you thousands down the line. Would recommend his services to anyone who needs them and will use him again in the future!
    I had the privilege to work with Zack for a property I was looking into. Not only was he super fast but he was very professional and thorough and provided a rapid yet very detailed analysis for my lawyer and I! I highly recommend working with them!
    Laurel Adams
    Laurel Adams
    Always an amazing experience with Zach. Extremely patient and Diligent with my clients. I will absolutely recommend him to anyone looking. Zach will be your “go to” inspector.
    Zack spent 2hrs with me explaining all that was wrong in this condo. He went over all the issues and non issues with me carefully. I would recommend anyone to hire him.
    Edna Márcia da Costa
    Edna Márcia da Costa
    Zack is an excellent professional. My broker indicated to do my inspection. Zack did 2 inspections for me. He is very attentive, patient, responds to messages. He guided me in the services I have to do. I recommend Zack's company with great joy and satisfaction. If you are trying to buy a house and need to do the inspection, you can choose Zack's services. You are working with a great professional. Zack, thank you very much for everything. I wish you a lot of success.

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